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Phunky Phresh Canadian Hip-Hopper Fetchy is a lyrical poet layering melodies and words over new school rap. As charismatic as he is charming, Tanner spans the spectrum of being the funny class clown in one moment, while the Casanova type ladies man the next. His music, like his personality has a similar wide array to it. With influences including groups like ACDC and Kiss to Eminem and Big Sean, Tanner draws from the foundations of rock, pop and Hip Hop as he puts his own personal stamp on it. Fetchy: Where clever wordplay meets electro hipster hop.

With a wordplay similarity to Asher Roth, a familiar crossing genre pop to hip hop sound of Sammy Adams and the relatable messages from Mac Miller, Tanner adds his message through a driving and multi flow approach. The gentleman with the penthouse swag is met with the beer-drinking fisherman. The happy go lucky kid is met with the determined and professional artist. Fetchy uses his wide array of experiences and passions to fuel the words, melodies, harmonies and beats of all the music he creates.
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